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Information we collect from users


    1. CONSUMER/USERS : www.Leadzwallet.com provides free information to the consumers on various services showcased in www.leadzwallet.com to ensure the consumers/users connect to the right service provider. We receive consumer information on our website www.leadzwallet.com once users shown interest in any particular services and fill the particular services form provided in www.leadzwalllet.com. We receive particular consumer information/requirement on our promotional campaigns held by www.leadzwallet.com .once we receive or generate the client information our service experts will collect and recheck the certain information such as Consumer name ,consumer contact number, consumer address,consumer email address,consumer services required.After receiving the complete information of consumer requirement and once consumer want to avail the services showcased in www.leadzwallet.com, it will be shared to an www.leadzwallet subscribed associates.Consumer will be not charged for seeking information of particular services from www.leadzwallet.com.
    3. ASSOCIATE/SERVICE PROVIDER : www.Leadzwallet.com provides four packages to the service providers such as basic wallet ,silver wallet, gold wallet,& platinum wallet for registered companies and freelancers. Leads(Consumer/User information) will be shared only for subscribed associate/service providers of www.leadzwallet.com.Subscription amount is non refundable. Before subscription consumer information will not be shared to any associates/Service Provider. www.leadzwallet.com will provide complimentary services such as profile creation template to subscribed associates.



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